A Simply Magical Summer Plan

simply magical summer

When my husband proposed, it was very simple. There were no hidden friends, no flash mob dance scenes. There was a beautiful view overlooking Nashville at night, and it was the anniversary of our first real date, but nothing else really set it apart from any other date – until he told me to close my eyes for a minute and when I opened them, he was on one knee with a ring in his hand. It’s a moment I will remember forever, the words, the place, the champagne a waitress brought over to us after I, very obviously, said yes. Then there were a thousand phone calls to all the people who already knew (I swear my friends were […]

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Hello, June: A Rebirth of Words and Hope

Hello June

It hasn’t felt like summer until this week, not only physically but spiritually. I generally look forward to summer as space to breathe,  think and relax, to stretch out like a cat in the sun – again both physically and spiritually. But this year has felt different with house guests and graduations and parties and weddings and obligations galore, filling in the margins and spilling over on the next day’s pages. I even spoke, alone, for twenty minutes to room full of people and did not die. Life has been wonderfully good, overwhelmingly emotional and very outside my comfort zone –which as we all know is curled up quietly in the hammock with a book. But here we are in […]

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A Year in the Dark

A Year in the Dark

“To pretend that we can get to helping, generous and brave without navigating through tough emotions like desperation, shame and panic is a profoundly dangerous and misguided assumption.” –Brene Brown, Rising Strong   I spent last year in the dark. For a few weeks, I’ve been looking back over the year with a semi-objective eye, trying to determine if it was all necessary, or if it was simply an unhealthy wallow in messed-up, battered regrets .  I’ve been circling around it, poking its soft underbelly and trying to sneak up on it when it wasn’t looking, hoping it would reveal its true nature. I’ve finally come to this conclusion: Sometimes we must walk through dark places and there is no […]

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Learning to Sit with Pain

Learning to sit with pain

Sometimes when we are wounded very deeply, we learn to hold on to the false hope that there are things we can do to shield us from being hurt again.  It happened to me. There are moments and feelings I remember with breath-taking immediacy, as sharp as if they were just happening: Being so ashamed I closed all the blinds and made excuses not to leave the house, not even wanting to meet people’s eyes. Realizing I was so cut off, so effectively bound by silence that I couldn’t even attend the wedding of my best friend’s son. Walking away from entire communities of people because the few ties to what happened made my grief and pain unwelcome. Believing that […]

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What is the Uncommon, Good Life?

What is the Uncommon, good life and why you want to read about it.

Yesterday I shared about a new vision for this space: searching for the uncommon, good life.  To be very clear, my grammarian friends, I do not mean an uncommonLY good life, but a life which is both an uncommon life and a good one. These are the two themes around which all my reading, all my study, all my efforts and dreams seem to revolve. What is an ‘Uncommon’ Life? An uncommon life is one which doesn’t have it’s roots popular culture.  I used to call this “the American dream,” but to use those terms interchangeably insults what was once a relatively noble ideal, though we could spend all day arguing whether the ideal was implemented with any nobility, or […]

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In search of the Uncommon, Good Life

Uncommon Good Life

Have you ever had an idea but no concept of how to begin? Have you ever felt you could see a thing, in fact you could almost touch it, but no matter how you stretched and grasped, you only barely brushed it with your finger tips, but never really grasped it?I’ve felt this way for several years, but over the last month, it feels like I may get my hands around it at last.My husband and I spent last weekend away. Over the three days, we stayed in two distinctly different locations. We stayed the first night in a small, no frills hotel room.  It was very nearly a micro-efficiency, boasting a tiny, but full, kitchen, a large closet and […]

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Welcome, New Year

How to Welcome New Year

Last night I flitted around the house, opening doors, kissing my husband and children, being inappropriately loud and enduring the disdain of dogs and humans. No one in my house welcomes New Year quite like I do. Remember how the world felt on Christmas morning when you were little? How you’d creep out from your room and peek into the living room to see what was hidden by the light of the tree? Maybe you didn’t do this, but I did. Every year without fail, even after the heartbreak of learning my beloved Santa was only make-believe, I’d sit and stare at the gifts, turning some over and over in my hands, wondering and waiting, anticipating what the early morning […]

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Something New

something new 113015

I learned two important things while failing at the Write 31 Days project: the first is my inability to undertake two life consuming projects at one time – believe me, training for a half marathon was entirely life consuming, though I hope I improve for the next one. The second revelation was initially discouraging but ultimately far more important than the first. I learned that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I failed #Write31days when I realized I don’t know what I’m talking about Click To Tweet No really. I have knowledge covering a range of subjects, but I am an expert at very little.  I’m trying to dive in the shallow end of the pool and it’s beginning […]

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Intentional Intermission

31 days of Intentional changes

Today is Oct 15th, otherwise known as the half way point for Write 31 days. I decided to take a break from sharing information to simply sit and chat for a few minutes. We’ll call it an intentional intermission. I miss chatting. Writing every day, like this, for a month is an emotional endeavor. Intentional living, and thus intentional change, is something I am incredibly passionate about.  I believe we have power to affect great change in our life, and because of my faith, I believe even more strongly that we are called to affect great change in the world. From my perspective, this change is called Kingdom Come.  As a follower of Christ I want to do what I […]

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